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Uzhgorod National University (UZHNU)
Uzhhorod National University is the state’s higher education institute which is recognized as the classic medical school in Ukraine. The institute holds the fourth grade, which is the highest accreditation level of Ukraine and its main aim is to accomplish the status of a medical research university. Uzhhorod National University strictly follows the laws of Ukraine government in terms of education and accommodations. The university persists its place under top 10 medical universities of Ukraine. Students who wish to apply for foreign medical schools and seeking cheapest medical schools, Uzhhorod is the best option for them.
City: Uzhhorod
Country: Ukraine
Degree Awarded: M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program)
Duration: 6 Years
Language of Instruction: English

Staff, Faculty and Candidates:
Our University flourishes with 144 doctors, 694 candidates, 12 lecturers, two members from National Science Academy supported by our highly experienced professors and associate professors. Every year, more than 40 dissertations are submitted by the scientists of our university. We train more than 300 Postgraduate students in 53 specialties every year.

Every year, Uzhhorod National University accomplishes nearly 30 medical conferences which are supported worldwide. Thousands of journals and articles based on scientific and medical are published. Our conferences come up with some of the current health issues and diseases. We are focusing on some tough medical terms and diseases and remedies to control them. Thousands of participants from all corners of the world join the conference every year making our conferences successful.

Our Support to students:
Students are our most important assets and we are loyal to our students. We provide full support to them to make their future brilliant. No matter where they are after the completion of their graduation we always welcome our legacy students. We support them for their aspiring career. Our intention is to nurture our students in medico friendly environment in order to make them pioneer in medical science. Our support helps students to know their potential and ability. We prefer our students to be placed in highly recognized medical centers of world. Our alumnus has been placed in some top medical centers of Ukraine and other part of European continents with satisfactory packages.

As our local language is Ukrainian but to avoid communication gap among foreign students so that they would not feel odd in the environment, we potentially deliver our lectures in 9 languages of our neighboring countries including Ukraine like Czech, Ukrainian , German, Hungarian, French, English, Russian , Slovak and Romanian. Among these English is most frequently used, Most of our lectures are supported in English. We also provide special training in order to learn the culture and tradition of Ukraine, providing students a glimpse of the local spoken language so that they can understand the localities.

Uzhhorod National University is a very dynamic university, It is not only a medical school related with only medical jargons but it also teaches humanity science to students to make them mature in their life. Our experienced faculties of Humanities help out the students with their full efficiency. We respect the tradition and culture of the students from foreign countries and they get their chances to show their tradition and culture in our annual functions and curricular activities in turns we hope that students will not damage the rules and tradition of the Ukrainians.
The students learn different subjects from fundamental disciplines to special medical subjects during six years. Foreigners study in small groups with six to ten other international students. Lectures take place daily and are attended by all students of the groups. Training in the university is constantly controlled by testing the students' knowledge in each class. At the end of each topic a final control is provided by passing tests and examinations in subjects studied during this term. From the beginning of the second year until the last academic year students attend practical classes to gain experience. The program is based on the European credit point accumulation system ECTS.

Every student studying at Lugansk State Medical University undergoes one year of clinical rotations in subjects such as Internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and other additive subjects during their final year of education.

The certificate for the same can be obtained from Ukrainian Medical Council and EdufactsIndia helps its students to obtain the same.
The Internship declares any student completing the curriculum as a complete doctor and the same is accepted all over the world except India.

In India a student has to finish his screening test and undergo a compulsory rotatory internship in India before he/she gets his permanent registration in Medical Council of India or license to practice as a physician.
All educational programs are regulated and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The degrees and certificates issued to graduated foreign students by EduPedia Overseas Universities are legalized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We only offer recognized University programs by the World Health Organization.

Students from India are eligible to sit for the National Board of Examination (NBE) and register with the Medical Council of India (MCI); after obtaining an "Eligibility Certificate" from the MCI prior to sitting for the Competency test conducted by the NBE and complying with any other guide-lines of the certification authority.

Students and graduates of EduPedia Overseas Universities are eligible to sit for the licensure & certification examinations of many other countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore etc. All students & graduates should educate themselves on the licensure policies in their respective home countries and countries where they propose to practice and prepare accordingly.
  • Age 18 to 30 years
  • High school graduates (or equivalent)
  • Healthy Non-criminal record

  • Application Materials:
  • Eligibility requirement as mentioned by eligibility certificate regulations of medical council of India
  • Higher secondary certificate with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as subjects
  • Passport copy
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Complete application form
Video review from students of UZHNU
Why to study in UZHNU, Ukraine?
Advantages of studying MBBS and MD in Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine:
  • Simple application and admission process;
  • Low tuition fees and living cost. Tasty indian food and nice hostel;
  • University, which is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED and the course is offered in English Language;
  • Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, UNESCO, MCI,PMDC,NMC Nepal medical council, European Council and many more countries);
  • The highest quality of education (the fourth grade - highest accreditation level);
  • European Life Standard. Better Job Prospects;
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching. English Medium of Instruction;
  • International Students enjoy approximately 50% discount on travel;
  • Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA, Germany, Canada, U.K. and other countries;
  • Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities;
  • Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, etc;
  • Only students of UZHNU have summer practice in European countries like U.K., SWEDEN, etc. This is unique opportunity!
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Ukraine is a country that falls in the European continent. It lies in the eastern part of the continent. Geographically Ukraine makes borders with the Soviet Union alias the Russian federation in the East and the northeast, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are the country that forms the neighbors of Ukraine in the west, Belarus to the northwest, Moldova and Romania in the Southwest. The water bodies like the black sea and the Sea of Azov lies to the South and southeast respectively. The country has an area as large as six lakh three thousand six hundred and twenty eight kilometers square that is a figure of 603,628km. The vastness of the area makes Ukraine significantly the largest country of the largest continent Europe.

As per the records and available scriptures, the first east Slavic state that was under the dominion of Kevin Russ was established by the Varangians late back in the 9th century. This east Slavic state emerged as a power nation initially but due to its several internal riots it very soon disintegrated by the end of 12th century. It is reported that by the end of the 14th century the major territorial area of Ukraine was under the rule of three divided powers, namely the Golden Horde, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Kingdom of Poland. With the great Northern war of the 17 century, Ukraine, a large country got subdivided among various regional powers. The major divisions were further amalgamated into Russia and the remaining part of Ukraine came to be known as a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire.Late back to the end of 19th century, the country of Ukraine has witnessed very wide and large kind of upsurges eventually. It has been a country that although has got the maximum area but remained divided throughout the reoccurrences of civil wars. Ruled by a large number of independent powers Ukraine finally found its independence when the structure of Soviet Union was ultimately dissolved.Since the dissolution of Soviet Union, Ukraine has emerged out as a country with the second largest military sections in entire Europe. Christianity being the dominating religion of the country, Ukrainian remains the official language, besides, this language Russian is also widely spoken. The country is home to around 46 million peoples and has got reasonable attributes in the field of art, music and architecture.

Till the 16th century Ukraine was known as Kievan Rus. Kiev was a major cultural and political center in Eastern Europe. In the 10th century, the country reached the pinnacle of power. The Kievan power ended in 1240 with the Mongol conquest. Right after the Russian revolution Ukraine declared its independence from Russia on 28th Jan 1918. After Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine gained independence. In 2002, Ukraine announced the decision to join NATO.

Ukraine spans over a large area. It is the second largest country in Europe. The regions in the country have divrese geography which ranges from highlands to lowlands. The country lies in the northern shores of Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. The middle of the country is comprised of mixed forests and towards the Black Sea coast lie grasslands. Carpathian Mountains move into the western part of the country. The highest peak in Ukraine is Hoverla.
Ukraine offers wonderful educational opportunities to medical students. Potential medical students can benefit from the medical programs offered by the country. The programs have been designed for English speaking people. While studying in Ukraine, you will not face language barriers. The accredited courses and programs offered by the country are recognized across the globe. As you plan your study in Ukraine, you can enjoy the sightseeing options, culture and take on new experiences.

MBBS in Ukraine
The country is known for the medical programs which it offers. Indian students can gain the advantage of studying medical programs in Ukraine. As the class size is small you can easily clear your doubts and increase your knowledge in the subject. The classrooms are practical oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject. After completing the degree, the students can sit for a screening test which makes them eligible for MCI registration. The country is known for the medical programs which it offers. Indian students can gain the advantage of studying medical programs in Ukraine. As the class size is small you can easily clear your doubts and increase your knowledge in the subject. The classrooms are practical oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject.

After completing the degree, the students can sit for a screening test which makes them eligible for MCI registration.Ukraine the European country that has the achievement of 100% of literacy is the best place for studying medicine in the world. Ukrainian medical universities are certainly the premium and the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine and hopes for a career into it. Medicine is one such branch that is considered the toughest amongst all other preparations, now with the Ukrainian medical universities you need not to put in such huge efforts, costs and time for the preparation of the medical entrance exams. In India, you have slimmer chances of being selected and even when you make into it, the college you are offered is not of your choice, say not the best one.The tremendous advantage of studying medicine in Ukraine is that you do not have to sit for any entrance test. The admission is on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th. No sooner you complete your degree just apply for a screening test to get license to practice. If you make into it, you get the MCI registration. This MCI registration is required and sort of mandatory as it gives you the opportunity to practice as registered medical practitioner.
Ancient Uzhgorod is often called the “window to Europe.” It is little wonder, as it is situated in the heart of Zakarpattia – at the bottom of the majestic Carpathian Mountains and close to the border with Slovakia. Its unique location and multicultural influence have made it one of the most attractive places in western Ukraine. Here, the eclectic architecture of the Austro-Hungarian period is interwoven with buildings of Czechoslovakian constructivist and Soviet modernist styles, next to which blossom splendid Japanese cherry trees and magnolias.

The mountain river Uzh gave the city its name (until the 19th century it was known by the name Ungvar, which in Hungarian means the "castle on Uzh River"), and it divides the city into two parts: the right and left banks. On the right bank stands the old city, which attracts the tourists with a collection of interesting historic and architectural monuments.

Uzhgorod appeared on the hills near the Carpathians over a thousand years ago, with the construction of a citadel, which became the residence of Old Russian prince Laborets, as Zakarpattia was at that time a part of Kyivan Rus. Over time, the castle grew and turned into flourishing city, soon becoming a part of Hungarian kingdom. The following four centuries it was developed by Italian aristocrats, the Drugeths counts. It was precisely during their reign that the castle got its current appearance. Since the 17th century, the expanding city played the role of the eastern gate of the Hapsburg Empire.

The Austrian reign gave Uzhgorod many architectural masterpieces, but the city’s biggest draw is still the ancient Citadel. It is one of the best-preserved fortifications in Ukraine. The citadel is constructed as trapezium (trapezoid), with impregnable 15 meter-high (50 feet) bastions. Its main compound is a three-story Renaissance building with four corner towers. A prison and a torture chamber used to occupy its dungeon. Today, the Local History Museum can be found in the Uzhgorod castle, along with a tasting room for the famous Zakarpattia wines.

Not far from the castle there is another unique landmark, the Trans-Carpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Heritage. Original wooden buildings still stand here, representing the ethnic traditions of different nations that inhabited Zakarpattia. Among them, you will find tidy Guzul houses, a school, a windmill, and a watermill, and – the main treasure of the museum – St. Michael's wooden church from the 18th century, with its uncanny architecture.

Among the most captivating sacral buildings in Uzhgorod are the Holy Cross Cathedral and the elegant Roman Catholic Church of St. George, which was built on the ruins of a Lutheran church.

Uzhgorod is known as one of the greenest cities in Ukraine. In spring and summer, it is smothered by the lush greenery of numerous public gardens and exotic parks. You can also find the longest in Europe Linden Tree Alley, stretched out on both embankments.

Several pedestrian areas were created in the city so that tourists could peacefully admire its delicate architecture. The comfortable and subdued atmosphere invite leisurely strolls around the city’s historic center. And, of course, you can always take a break from the sights in one of the city’s amazing cafes that serve Zakarpattia’s famous coffee. Many visitors confess that the coffee’s taste, along with Uzhgorod’s unique sights landmarks, can become one of their brightest recollections of the city.
What is the cost of studing in UZHNU?




TUITION FEE (per year)


2,66,000 INR

HOSTEL FEE (per year)


70,000 INR



10,500 INR


(Documentation&Air Pickup)


1,08,500 INR

MESS FOOD (optional - per month)


7,000 INR
For 1st year

Passport, Visa and Flight Ticket Price are NOT included in Total Price for 1st year

6 500$
Mess food is optional and not included in total price
4,55,000 INR
/in rate: 1 USD=70 INR
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Some more video-information about studying in Ukraine
Few words form students of UZHNU
Hello! I am Mohit Rohilla - student at Uzhgorod Medical University stepping towards third year in general medicine (MBBS). I completed my two years at this university very nicely. I feel very lucky that i got an opportunity to study here at UZHNU. Uzhgorod is fabulous as well as outstanding city and people living here are damn peaceful and of helping nature. Seeing indians studying in their nation they feel proud and happy. During my two years of studying i had made many friends. Professors at university are kind and care for each and every student helping him or her to solve their problems regarding different subjects. One awesome thing that i like about studying here is that we learn theoretical seeing practical - thatz more easy for me and for all students too. Classes are so scheduled and we get a break after single class which is necessary to be relaxed for 10-15 minutes and be prepared for the next class. In the end i want to add that i am just loving studying here and will suggest you people also to join me.
Mohit Rohillastudent/ UZHNU (medical faculty)
HI! I am Navroop Kaur Dhillon: studying at UZHGOROD NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (UZHNU). I completed my two years there with flying colours and going for third year in general medicine (MBBS). People here are very amiable and loving. Obstacle for me in my first year was ukrainian language but under the guidance of my ukrainian pedagogue i learnt - How to converse the basics? Tutors at Faculty are mind blowing providing their extreme help and guidance in our subjects. I made many companions there , even i hang out with my teachers who are just awesome. Uzhgorod is one of the eye catching cities of ukraine - full of prestigious and histological buildings. In my free time i love to visit Bozdoshki park; i even study there sitting inside wooden huts which provide me quite silent atmosphere for better concentration. Where the talk comes of food - ukrainians have numerous delicious delicacies from which mine favourite is chicken kababs whereas i cherish pizza under vegetarian bonne bouche. Moreover there is jasmine cafe (where we can find all indian dishes). Different phases of seasons are abundantly fascinating there - Falling snow, mesmerising flowers, gorgeous sceneries all around, setting sun in evening - all things are just breathtakingly beautiful. Initially my parents were frightened sending me to ukraine for MBBS but the day then and the day today i along with my guardians are at cloud nine seeing me study at such great university and feel proud seeing managing everything myself. Not only i found good study there but also i had learnt how to be disciplined punctual regarding our studies and university.
Navroop Kaur Dhillonstudent/ UZHNU (medical faculty)
Hello. I am a student from Zimbabwe Africa, currently going for 3rd year in the medical field. I came to Ukraine in 2013 November not knowing that I would have such an amazing time here and but I came to Uzhgrod on September 2014 and being the only African student among other nationalities it was at first weird but it became fun when we all where now a family under Uzhgrod National University. I like almost everything about this place and the teaching is a world class standard having teachers who love you like this made me feel more at home. But I didn't chose Ukraine, God chose it for me, because I have a purpose to fulfil and am doing so spreading the word of God and also accomplishing my medical career. One thing I can tell you is that there is no as safe place as Uzhgrod in Ukraine, why am saying so is because the people here are just the best always accommodating and making this city my 2nd home.
Ashel Mthabisi Ndhlovustudent/ UZHNU (medical faculty)
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